A Publishing Deal

Hi everyone

We are super excited to announce that we have signed a publishing deal with Focus Home Interactive, to release Contrast on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 at the end of this year!

I’m going to update this post later on to describe what this means in detail (and hopefully answer a bunch of questions people have been asking us recently), so feel free to check back later on.  I’ll even post an awesome new piece of art from Whitney to celebrate with, too.

(Oh, and if you want an example of Focus’ efforts in the marketing department, and why we like the cut of their jib, check this out.  Neato.)

– Sam

Edit: I promised an update, so here it is.  Art first, words follow.

Concept of shadow shifting in action!

Concept of shadow shifting in action!

As you will know from our previous updates, Contrast is almost done.  It’s completely playable, all the art is in, etc, and we’re just refining some of the puzzles, smoothing over its rough edges, and optimizing it for both PC and consoles.  One important part of the deal is that we will retain complete creative control over the game and the IP.  We also have more time to refine the game, meaning that we’re in the fortunate position of being able to fix a few things we didn’t think we’d be able to (not a lot of developers get this opportunity).

We’re excited about this deal because the guys and girls at Focus are incredibly enthusiastic about Contrast.  This is very much a partnership, where they can bring their enthusiasm and experience to help us market and distribute the game.  They have a great media presence, meaning that we will be able to reach out to a wider audience.  They also have significant production experience, so can point out areas of improvement that we might have missed.

So, there is a downside, in that we’ll have to wait a bit longer for release.  This is bad for us, because we remain stuck in the dodgy factory until people can buy Contrast.  But, we think that a wider release will allow us to do the best possible job on this project and, hopefully, put us in a position to make another great game after this one.

Thanks again for all your support :) We’re going to have a new website set up soon, which will hopefully make it easier to get in touch with us – stay tuned!

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19 thoughts on “A Publishing Deal

  1. I write from Italy, (I’m Italian) I’m happy for this good news, and definitely will buy your game via PSN =)

  2. Greetings from France.
    Glad to hear this partnership announce.Hope Focus will publish a boxed version, as they usually do that for every game they publish, at least for PC.

    Just a question: Is Contrast naturally localised in a french version (you’re from Quebec, aren’t you?), or will Focus translate it if you only develop Contrast in English version? Just a question about translation.

    • Salut AbounI! Oui, nous habitons à Montréal. We have voice acting in both French and English, and will have subtitles in other languages.

      • Thanks for the answer.So I suppose it will highly help Focus if Contrast has already a french version.
        Have to add I really appreciate the voice of laura Ellis in the “I’ve been kissed before” theme. Great song, even if it’s not my favorite style.Good choice for your OST .Hope the game will be delivered with accessible musics & tracks

    • Hey John, Linux is a little difficult. We’d like to do it, and have been looking into it, but until it’s supported by Unreal 3, it’s not an easy task. Which sucks, because Linux is neat. However, if the Steambox runs on Linux (as we expect it will), then chances of a port get dramatically better!

      • Unreal 3 sort of runs on Linux already. Ryan C. Gordon ported Dungeon Defenders to Linux which is an Unreal 3 game.

        • Yeah, the key issue being “sort of”! :)

          It’s not a question of being able to run, it’s a question of how many hours/weeks of work would it take to get it running at the same level as other platforms. If Epic supported it, the time would reduce substantially. Either way, we have to balance the amount of work against the number of Linux users who may play the game and also against the other things we could do with the time. As I said, we’ll look at supporting Linux, but it won’t be until after we get the other ports up and running.

          • I also would like to play it on linux.
            So what about make it (the port) a crowdfounding and see what will hapen?

  3. Just saw your interview on msn online. Game looks amazing ! I want to support this game. Where will you take my money?

    • Hi Brendan – Thanks! Steam, XBLA and PSN in the near future. Nothing set up yet, but we will have preorders. We’ll announce things as soon as it’s ready to go.

  4. Good stuff. Hope it sells a heap and it turns into a heinously whored franchise like Call of Doody! =P

    (*joking about the last part ^_-)

    • In Contrast 4, you gain the ability to shoot guns, AND you get a dog! Stay tuned for more exciting updates about our real time shadow AI that runs away from you when you swim.

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