Release, Platforms, and More

Golly gosh it has been a while since our last update.  Since our last update, we have been to Gamescom (Germany, the home of all things beer and beer related), PAX Prime (Seattle, home of the hipster barista) and done a few more things as well (like optimize and almost finish the game).  I wanted to tidy up a few things about the release, and then have a wee recap of Gamescom and PAX.

Release Details

First things first, we’re hoping to release the game on 15 November 2013.  It’ll be coming out on the PC (Steam), PS3, PS4 (both via PSN) and Xbox 360 (through XBLA).

Contrast will be $15.  We’ll also sell a Collector’s Edition for $20, that will include a digital version of our art book (a first draft of which we showed a few people at PAX East and PAX Prime), and a sound track.  Isn’t that exciting!  We’re also hoping to release a physical version of the Collector’s Edition in Europe – more details to come on that soon.

Pre-orders: we’ll be looking at pre-orders very roughly a month in advance.  There will be an advantage to pre-ordering, which we’ll announce when the pre-orders go live.

Gamescom/PAX Prime Round Up

Well, I may be a monkey’s uncle, but Gamescom is huge.  Just huge.  I don’t think there’s a show anywhere quite like it.  Also, after spending a couple of days in Germany, I can say that Kölsch is delicious, and schnitzel really is better over there.  We had a great time at Gamescom, with a number of playable demo machines in the Koch Media booth.  We also showed Contrast on the big screen late on Friday afternoon, which was pretty exciting.  Thank you to everyone who played at Gamescom, and particularly to those who are following us on twitter, facebook, or here!

People started shouting "Contrast! Contrast!" after we finished.  However, this may have been due to blatant bribery of blow up softball bats and footballs.  Yeah, we don't really understand either.  Germany.

People started shouting “Contrast! Contrast!” after we finished. However, this may have been due to blatant bribery, as we gave away blow up softball bats and footballs. Yeah, we don’t really understand either. Germany.

PAX Prime, on the other hand, is THE video game enthusiasts’ convention in North America.  We were lucky to be a part of the Indie MEGABOOTH for a second time, as we joined a whole bunch of our fellow indie developers in the busiest little booth on the block.  We had some really positive comments – TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox said it was one of their favourite games of the show, which was really neat.  It was also great to show the game on the PS4 – many thanks to Sony for helping us out with that!  And, once again, it was an awesome experience, as we got to meet a whole bunch of new people, and show a couple of thousand people our game.  Thank you to everyone who came to visit – chatting to you about the game is one of the most fun things in the world :)

Our booth at PAX - doing okay, we thought!

Our booth at PAX – thanks everyone for coming to visit!

But, we also had a wee surprise… we had our first cosplayer!  This kind of blew us away a little bit, and so we took a photo to celebrate.  Now we just need a duo – anyone keen to cosplay Didi? =D

Our first Dawn cosplayer!  Thanks @LadyGameLyric!

Our first Dawn cosplayer! Thanks @LadyGameLyric!

So, that’s all for now folks.  We’re knee deep in the submission process for consoles, but we’re quietly confident that things will go okay.  We’re looking down the runway, so stay tuned for a couple of new trailers and some other info to keep you interested until launch!  (Oh wow, that was a totally unintentional but clearly awesome metaphor, so I’m going to keep it.)   Also, if you would like more regular updates, don’t forget to follow us on facebook or on twitter.

Team Compulsion out!

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20 thoughts on “Release, Platforms, and More

  1. Great news! =D, But you know if the Collector’s Edition (digital) and the physical version will also come in Italy?

  2. Ah sorry!, there is also written in “Europe”. XD
    I’m happy for this news. =D

    A question, but pre-orders are for the U.S. territory?

    • Hah yes, Europe :) I believe Italy will be on the list, but I’ll need to confirm closer to the time. We’ll also have Italian subtitles, if that’s of interest.

      Pre-orders should be worldwide – we’re releasing everywhere on the same day. However, whether there will be physical pre-orders (as opposed to just digital) is another question – we’re still looking at that :)

    • Hey Bob – no, actually we’ve never announced a Vita version. A few media sites picked up a “Contrast on Vita” story, unfortunately without checking with us first. We are still sorry to disappoint Vita owners though, so we’re going to look at a Vita version after launch. If it’s not too much work (we’re not a big team here at Compulsion), we think Contrast could be great on the Vita :)

  3. I am looking forward to the release of this game. I really hope there will be a physical version of the Collector’s Edition available in Europe. I’d love to add a physical version of this beautiful game and its additional goodies to my library.

  4. Just saw this for the first time and it looks wonderful! Compliments to the development team :)

    Now choices! PS3 or PC version gaaahhh! Any chance of a release somewhere down the line? :)

  5. having trouble with the game ps4 the carousel repair the glimmer around the on switch is not there and I have luminaires in it and the carousel is not moving. please help

    • Apologies that this is happening – two things to check. One, can you reload from your last save, and does it fix the problem? Two, have you completed the puzzle already? Free free to email me directly, and we can help you out.

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