Well I’ll be, we launched Contrast

Hi everyone!

Yesterday at 1pm EST, Contrast went live on Steam, the PSN (for PS4 players) and Xbox 360.  We’ve been getting so many comments on twitter, facebook etc about people enjoying the game, and we’re really excited to be at this point.  We’re looking forward to PS3 players being able to play the game on the 19th and 20th!

We’ll write up a post about what this all meant to us at some stage, but there is one important point that we should have mentioned.  If you’re having tech issues with getting the game running on PC, please come and visit us at the Steam forums, and we’ll get things sorted for you.

- Sam

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21 thoughts on “Well I’ll be, we launched Contrast

  1. I just saw this game on the Xbox live market place, as an advertisement. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I decided to download the free trial. I bought the game 30 min later. The story is amazing and the concept is fabulous. The idea of the shadows is just…ingenious and the ending makes me want more! I hope you guys continue with Didi’s story!! This is going to be a hit!!!

  2. Your game is visually and emotionally a beautiful, tragic work of art. Thank you for making a game like this. It was so needed in the current gaming world of flash without substance. I look forward to playing anything you make in the future.

    • Got the game for free on the PS4 with PS+. Cleared with all trophies within 6 hours. Unforgettable experience. I am going to BUY it on steam to support you guys. Thank you so much for creating this amazing game.

  3. The idea behind the game and the story line were fantastic. The realisation of this was however lacking. The puzzles are unnecessarily difficult and tedious with no tolerances within them. It would have been much more enjoyable if the shadow puzzles had more guidance, especially towards the start of the game. Some kind of hints within the game would help to progress the puzzle when looking in completely the wrong direction (“Act 1 – Get to Level 5″ – Trying to use shadows from the ground floor was unfruitful and a waste of time). The only reason I have persisted with the frustrating and unrewarding puzzles is to see the story line play out. If it weren’t for the characters and the voice acting I would have given up long ago.

  4. I finished it yesterday!, =D congratulations, it’s a really nice game!.
    I hope you continue on this road! =D

  5. I just bought the game for pc.

    Is it in any way possible to change the keys? I never play games with WASD, but with the arrow keys…


  6. Heya fellas, I just finished the game and wowsa. What a beautiful gem. It was short but so sweet while it lasted. One small complaint I have is that you do little to add to replay value like unlocking/scavenging concept art or alternate costumes for Dawn. Little things like that go a long way! Anyway no deal breaker by any stretch.
    I went ahead and made an alt costume myself. If you like I can email you guys the tpf so you can use it yourselves!

    Again what an amazing game. I was looking forward to it for some time and boy it did not disappoint. If you port it to VITA please put in some extra costumes, and I would love to see some concept Art to get an idea of the game making process from the Art direction standpoint.

    Ps; the music was perfect.

    • Hey Adrian – this is really cool! Yeah, the replayability in the game is a little like watching a movie – you play through to see things you haven’t seen before, but it doesn’t radically alter the experience. With the art direction, we do have an art book/programme, but currently it can’t be bought standalone. We’re looking into it.

  7. I just saw Contrast on the Playstation Store, and immediately downloaded all the trailers. Then, I bought the game. You’re my first ps3 online purchase! Holy cow but this game looks gorgeous, I love the setting, the art style, and the music! The MUSIC!!! I’m actually really excited to be able to play it. I already want more content! More everything! Can you make this game go on forever? Can I be Dawn for Halloween? Or for Monday?! Good job, guys, I think you have a winner. I have a feeling I’ll be back to gush at you further… Ya know, once I actually play the game. ;)

  8. I hope you will have patches to fix the camera and control of the game, I only can tried it for 30 minutes and won’t be able to continue.

  9. So is it only available as a dlc for the ps3 because at GameStop.com it was only available on PC only. Also the email said we would be able to play it on the 19th and 20th for the ps3.

  10. Any patches coming for the ps4 version soon? Ive enjoyed the little bit I played but the framerate drops are pretty bad :´( Ive held of on continuing in hopes of a fix soon.

    • Hey Aaron – that’s a really rare bug that can usually be fixed by restarting from your last save. We will be putting out a PS4 patch soon to fix many of the glitches etc, but if you’re getting heaps of framerate drops, it’s more likely to be an issue with your PS4 than the game. At least, from what we can tell – everything in the studio and on most people’s PS4 runs just fine.

      • Sam, thanks for the response!

        I played it a bit more and as far as framerate goes it’s all pretty smooth until you get to an area with a lot of draw distance. Looking down a street to see the city backdrop etc.

        As far as my experience with my other 3 PS4 disc based games, no problems aside from the ones that have been fixed or are being worked on with new patches.

        Am definitely enjoying the game thus far and am I glad to be seeing a patch for it soon.

        Also, might I request adding a feature to at least let us know when the game has autosaved. We don’t have an actual save option and I just have to take a shot in the dark when turning off my system with hopes that it did save where I wanted.

        • No worries. Framerate issues still shouldn’t be happening at a noticeable level – the game should run between 30 and 60 the entire time on PS4. As for saving, there should already be a message in the bottom right hand corner – it comes up at certain locations, and also when you pick up collectibles.

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