Patch Status Update

Hi everyone!

Well, it has been a crazy busy launch.  It has been a bit of a revelation about how these things work, and certainly a learning experience for our team!  We’ve loved hearing from everyone about how they’ve loved the game, its atmosphere, the story, the characters, the music and (of course!) the gameplay.  You guys have been awesome.

We just had this lying around.  New wallpaper!

We just had this lying around. New wallpaper!

However, there were some frustrating bugs that made it into the release version.  We are extremely unhappy about this, so we have been working really hard to patch all versions of the game, and it’s finally happening for consoles this week (PC was patched two weeks ago).   So, this post is to keep you updated about when the patch is arriving on the various systems, and I’ll update it as we get more info.  I’ve also added a link to the patch notes below that list out the major changes that we made (this is not an exhaustive list).


Up to date!  Also added Russian localization (subtitles/UI).

PS4 (EU), PS4 (NA), PS3, Xbox 360

All up to date!

Some important support stuff

Important note for PS4 users: if your game fails to load at any point, please re-download the game. This is not a bug within Contrast, it is an error during downloading the game from the PSN that has corrupted your version of the game.  This may happen more than once, unless you are able to fix the underlying problem with the download itself.  We’re happy to offer some suggestions, but please keep in mind that this is not a bug inside Contrast.

Important notice for PC/PS3/Xbox360: thanks to feedback from our Steam users, we do know of one issue right at the end of the game that has daintily danced past our QA, on the “stage” spotlight.  If you don’t “lock in” the stage spotlight on the first go, it won’t let you lock in a second time and you will need to reload your last save, and this may cause issues for other spotlights at that point. While we work on a fix, quitting and restarting the game will solve the issue, and just make sure to lock in the stage on your first go.  Update 15/01/14 – this is fixed on PS4 in both the US and the UK.

Patch Notes

If you’re interested in looking at what we have changed (or alternatively discussing why some of the bugs existed), please check out this thread on the Steam forums.

Final Word

Thanks everyone for playing!  We really appreciate your support – your messages mean a great deal to us, and I guarantee that we read every single one of them.  Contrast has been a huge labour of love, so we’re extremely glad that it’s been touching so many lives.  Some people have asked us what they can do to support us – honestly, the best thing is just to help us spread the word about the game, and how much you liked it.  We’re just 6 people now, so we appreciate any help you can give us :)

We will also put up the soundtrack/programme on iTunes soon (if all goes well).  We didn’t want to put this up and ask for more money until we’d patched the game to a standard we were comfortable with.  I’ll let you know when it’s available.

- Sam

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